NOURNEWS - Jammu Kashmir Liberation Front Khuiratta has initiated Tahafuz-e- (protect) Jammu Kashmir Campaign. As a first step,  the jklf Khuiratta branch has held a conference on 13 of August. It is the day when the unsc passed a resolution in which it recognized Jammu Kashmir's right to self-determination, but since then the UNSC has  diverted its policy on Jammu Kashmir and left the matter for India and Pakistan to resolve it themselves.  Speakers regretted that the UN which regarded India and Pakistan as aggressors 75 years ago, is now asking them to act as judges, because America-led UN has simply  become a remote control to impose the will of former colonialists, who are now acting as imperialists. This  is rejected by the people of Jammu Kashmir. The jklf leadership has demanded the complete withdraw of all foreign troops. They warned India and Pakistan of any plan to carve off Jammu Kashmir between themselves which will always remain a threat to peace and prosperity in the sub-continent. The conference announced to extend Tahfuz-e- Jammu Kashmir Campaign to other regions of the state as well as abroad.

The Conference was chaired by local jklf president Abid Rajirvi and addressed by Zonal president Dr. Toqeer Gilani, senior jklf leader Quayyum Raja, newly released political prisoner Tanveer Ahmed,  district president Ayaz Kareem, MC leader Raja Sagheer Advocate, Ms Tahira Toqeer, Iftikhar Butt and Shakeel Butt, among others.


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