What Afghanistan needs today, first of all, is to reach a national consensus and implement a political solution instead of a non-constructive military approach, which, along with using the capacities of the countries in the region, can pave the way for a lasting stability and security in this country.

NOURNEWS - Ayatollah Khamenei, the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution of Iran, in a part of his message to Muslims around the world on the occasion of the Hajj, pointed to the developments in Afghanistan and said that the awakening of the Afghan nation should be careful of the intelligence tools and weapons of the U.S. soft war in their country and stand vigilantly against it. But what are the US weapons in the soft war against Afghanistan and how can the awake Afghan nation deal with it? 1. Grace instead of coercion: The truth is that the people of Afghanistan, just as they expelled the British and the former Soviet Union with their perseverance and resistance, forced the United States to leave their country. The United States was forced to leave Afghanistan in the humiliation and scandal of 20 years of occupation, trying to reverse its forced withdrawal by inducing the end of its mission, which also reduces it to punishing bin Laden, thanks to giving the Afghan people the right to self-determination. Give a face and, by claiming humanitarian behavior, adorn his defeated face with the face of a conqueror. 2. Transforming the accused into the plaintiff: Another soft weapon of the United States is to shift its 20 years of occupation as the root of the Afghan crisis by claiming the Afghan civil war. The people of Afghanistan must claim 20 years of the catastrophic damage of their occupation of the country and the punishment of the United States, while Washington, in the form of soft war, tries to hide its 20 years of crimes and escape responsibility by highlighting the internal conflicts and divisions of the Afghans. 3. Humiliation and claiming to be a savior: Another dimension of the soft war of the Americans can be considered in their movements to humiliate the Afghan people based on their inability to govern their country. By highlighting the civil war and the inability of Afghans to reach an agreement at the negotiating table, the Americans seek to portray the failed and pitiful faces of the Afghan people and, ultimately, force them to accept a reoccupation of their country. It has always been the policy of the Americans to humiliate nations and to show that they are the savior of their problems in order to justify their occupations and call it a popular demand. 4. Disintegration instead of unity: The scenario of disintegration of countries has always been implemented by the system of domination. The Americans, under the resistance of the Afghan people, have been forced to leave the country in order to instill in the Afghan people the solution to their country, not unity, but disintegration. It is noteworthy that US President Biden is one of the planners of the disintegration of West Asia, which in 2003 officially called for the implementation of this scenario, including in Afghanistan and Iraq. Former Afghan President Hamid Karzai at a webinar entitled "Afghanistan; Enduring Peace and Security, hosted by Tehran, unveiled Biden's plan to make Afghans sectarian. 5. Changing the face from military to security and reconstruction: The Americans have announced a military withdrawal from Afghanistan as a tool of soft warfare claiming to support Afghanistan's future, seeking to strengthen the security and intelligence presence in the country if they have officially announced the establishment of an office in Qatar for this purpose. The complementary link in this infiltration process is the claim of rebuilding the ruins left in Afghanistan, which in essence entails Afghanistan's comprehensive dependence on the United States. 6. Enmity instead of convergence: One of the scenarios of the US soft war against Afghanistan is an enmity scenario instead of regional convergence. In recent weeks, Afghanistan's neighbors have made many efforts to build national unity among Afghans, and the Tehran-Moscow summit is a manifestation of this. The Americans have always seen regional convergence as a threat to their interests in Afghanistan, and are now seeking to deprive Afghanistan of the region's capacity for stability by accusing and fabricating false allegations about Afghan group meetings in Tehran, attributing them to Tehran's negotiating with the Taliban is the manifestation of behavior. Now the question is, how can the people, governments and groups of Afghanistan cope with the US soft war? What Afghanistan needs today, first of all, is to reach a national consensus and implement a political solution instead of a non-constructive military approach, which, along with using the capacities of the countries in the region, can pave the way for lasting stability and security in this country. The nation of Afghanistan, knowing the value of its victory over 20 years of American occupation, with a national approach to the political process can show its authority in state-building and administration of the country to the occupiers and prevent them from making excuses to repeat the occupation of Afghanistan. The next step could be the demand of the Afghan government and people to question and punish the occupiers of Afghanistan as the main perpetrators of insecurity and destruction in this country, which is an important step in realizing the rights of Afghanistan that has been subjected to 20 years of occupation and crisis.

BY: Mohammad Ghaderi


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