Emphasizing that the enemies no longer want to start a military war with us, the commander-in-chief of the IRGC said: "Readiness & Preparations, are the growth of the defense power and the credibility of this power are the reasons why the military war is no longer the enemy's version of the political situation."

NOURNEWS - Maj. Gen. Hossein Salami, Commander-in-Chief of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps, at the ceremony of honoring and introducing the successor of the IRGC's Sarollah Camp, which was held this morning (Sunday, July 22) in the presence of a group of commanders and military and national officials. Stated: The Islamic Revolution of Iran is growing, and this inspiring revolution is gradually gaining ground in the realm of geography, and its foundations and meanings are sinking deeper into human lives.

Emphasizing that the scope of today's revolution has encompassed many Islamic and even non-Islamic lands, he said: "Our enemies, as the Islamic Revolution has grown and perfected; They have become more complex, feel threatened, and are trying to turn all aspects of life in Iran and other societies inspired by the Islamic Revolution into battlefields."

The Commander-in-Chief of the IRGC stated that we are at the peak of a full-scale battle with the enemies: "By the grace of God, today, with the sacrifice, courage and performance of the men and women of this land, many areas of jihad have become the battlefield of the enemy."

Emphasizing that the enemies no longer want to start a military war with us, he said: "The reason for this is the day-to-day development of this dimension of power commensurate with the growth of threats, and the world's experience, history, power, and judgments of the validity of this power have prevented enemies from choosing this strategy; However, this will not be the reason for our negligence."

Major General Salami described the validity of a power as the line of effect and originated from its belief, will and strategy, action and power: The reason is that today's military war is not the enemy's version of gaining a political position; Readiness & Preparations are the growth of defense power and the credibility of that power.

He noted that the enemies will not give up their conspiracies and malice: "They consider Islamic Iran as a source of inspiration and a center for the production of life-giving and mobilizing awareness."

Referring to the recent events in Western societies, the IRGC Commander-in-Chief said: "Perhaps there is no direct relationship between the events of the Western world and the Islamic Revolution; But the reality is that the life-giving breeze of the Islamic Revolution has blown all over the world, and this inspiring fountain has even influenced American society with its rites and symbols."

He added: "The burning of the American flag is a sign of the spirit of the fight against oppression that is taking place today, even in the homeland of the United States. These events are definitely inspired by the general spirit of jihad against the United States, which has spread throughout the world."

Major General Salami stated that the enemies are seeking to reverse the course of the process by using all the spaces, and implied: "Cultural warfare is one of the phenomena associated with this all-encompassing invasion strategy."

Emphasizing that the geography of war is no longer land, but the mind and heart of human beings, he said: "Today, national security does not only include territorial security, but also the security of human memory and the impact on their inner peace, and the enemies, considering this important issue, have made livelihood and economy a clear pillar of their hostile strategy against the Iranian nation."

He continued: "In this all-out battle in which political pressure, cultural warfare, economic warfare, internal security warfare, psychological warfare, cyber and media warfare have created waves of constant danger to affect our society; We must have a comprehensive and strong confrontation with these phenomena and overcome them."

"By the grace of God, our Islamic system has been successful in maintaining their values and credibility and all aspects of confrontation, and has been able to stop the enemies in aspects such as the economy and culture; But this is a permanent and ongoing scenario."

Maj. Gen. Salami named Tehran as Umm al-Qura and the central point of the mirror of all values of the Islamic Revolution and emphasized: "Every change in Tehran is a change in the whole geography of the Islamic Revolution; Tehran is the refuge of the oppressed of the world and the flag bearer of the global jihad against arrogance, and the enemy has focused on this point."

He pointed out that that we must work for the security of Tehran with the radius of global influence: "The mission of Sarollah Camp, which was established with the help of the Supreme Leader and the great commanders of its flag, has been established; which is heavy and dangerous, and all institutions and devices play a role in achieving this important goal."

In another part of his speech, the commander-in-chief of the IRGC mentioned Sardar Kowsari as the commander of the familiar name in the history of the struggles of the Iranian nation and expressed: "This brave and tireless commander has played an important role in the history of this land and has always been a defender of the revolution and the system."

At the end of his speech, General Salami, referring to the characteristics of Sardar Nejat, also stated: "Sardar Nejat, who holds the flag of the camp today, is one of the strongest foundations of the Islamic Revolution, which has had valuable and brilliant records in the field of service."


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