Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif described the Zionist regime as the only and most serious threat to human rights, peace, and global security, saying that the US and its current administration is an accomplice to all the crimes committed by the regime.

NOURNEWS- Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif said on Saturday in an online videoconference on Instagram on the occasion of Quds Day which was displayed in Johannesburg, South Africa: It is a great honor for me to participate in this program, which is on the occasion of the International al-Quds Day.

Zarif referred to the outbreak of coronavirus in the world, saying: "This year we have a global pandemic which is prevented those who believe in the cause of Palestine in the necessity of ending Israeli aggression against the Palestinian people in ending the most severe case of violation of human rights, the most severe case of threat against international peace and security by demonstrating during the last Friday of Ramadan to show international solidarity and to show the result of the entire international community particularly the Muslim people around the world to resist aggression, to resist propaganda, to resist warmongering, to resist fear-mongering and to resist extortion by the Israeli regime."

"But the pandemic also has shown us that the global powers who have supported the Zionist regime are not omnipotent they are not about all. Their power can be undermined even by small virus."

"The problem has been Muslim countries, Muslim governments have not found the necessity of becoming united in order to deal with this disgrace."

"This year the day of disgrace Nakba Day has been very close to the day of Quds and the disgrace is that we have not been able to support the Palestinians, to support the cause over the past 70 years just because people believe governments particularly governments believed that they could not overcome global arrogance," Zarif said.

"The pandemic has reminded us that the only power is the power of Almighty all other can be defeated even by a small virus, he reiterated.

"The resistance of the Palestinian people has continued for 70 years and has shown that aggression, violation of the international law [even nuclear weapons] cannot end the national aspiration of entire people."

"We have seen once again in the so-called Deal of the Century that those who believed that the United States could be a broker for peace were badly mistaken."

"This is the course of history believing in our service, believing in our ability to resist violence, to resist terrorism, to resist state terror is the response to this global menace."

"Everybody could agree that Israel is the single most serious threat to respectful human rights, to global peace and security, to non-proliferation, to a world free of mass destruction that have ever existed and through propaganda, disinformation and extortion."

"This reality cannot change. We have all come to realize if we had any doubts before that this regime and its supporter, the United States resort to terrorism as a means of advancing their agenda and that is not a sign of strength that is a sign of weakness this year we are celebrating the Day of Quds without one of the greatest champions of the cause of Quds and that is the martyred General Qasem Soleimani but look at how the United States managed to murder this brave man."

Lieutenant General Soleimani who was the Islamic Revolution Guard Corps' (IRGC) Quds Force commander was assassinated in the US terrorist attack with the acting Commander of the Iraqi Popular Mobilization Units (PMU), known as the Hashd al-Shaabi, Abu Mahdi Al-Mohandes, and eight other military forces with record of fighting the Daesh (ISIS) in Iraq.

"At the dark of night using machinery of terror not in a battle field, not in a brave fight but through a terrorist operation."

Iranian foreign minister said: "This is the end of weakness, this is extreme weakness that the United States with all its supposed might will have to murder General Soleimani and his companions at the dark of night through means of terror that shows when people realize their strength, when people understand that only the Almighty is the supreme power not these worldly powers and that is why at the end of Ramadan when we all understand have done a month of fasting in order to realize our submission to the will of God."

"This is a good time to realize that by relying on our own strength and by relying on the Almighty nothing can overcome us," Zarif stated.

Let us once again commit ourselves to the cause of Palestine.

"Let us once again commit ourselves to our own dignity as Muslims, as human beings not to allow this global atrocity to continue."



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