US Secretary of State visited the false officials of false Zionist state on the territory of occupied Palestinian land on May 13th to mark two years of Trump’s administration decision to proclaim occupied Jerusalem a Zionist entity’s capital and to support further forceful annexation of the rest of Palestinian land. The other reason for his visit was coordination with Zionist terrorists to work together against China.

NOURNEWS- After the assassination of Hajj Qassem by low-life criminals and cowards, who were unable to confront him in any way, but remotely by drones, the Spokesperson for the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps, Brigadier General Ramadan Sharif, said that "Qassem Soleimani's death may lead to the Jerusalem's liberation."

So-called "deal of the century" is rather deal to mark a century of English wrongdoings in occupied Palestine, which are continued by its colony USA and its present officials. This false "deal" is made by Zionist terrorists in UK and USA upon request from Zionists who illegally settled in Palestine. The sectarians from Chabad and CUFI have delusional minds and are covered with darkness and evil which lead them. Further occupation of Palestine is their family business. The officials from sectarian Vatican also deceive peoples of the world about its attitude toward Zionist entity and occupation of Palestine. Western European countries and their monster entity, EU, introduce laws to prosecute everyone and anyone who even says something about Zionist entity. Trump introduced executive order to proclaim as anti-Semitic any talk against Zionist entity. The legal systems in the Western world became a tool for protecting Zionist terrorist and assassins - legality as a phenomenon following justice and rightfulness is abandoned there. Both US President Trump and Zionist entity Prime Minister Netanyahu are proclaimed criminals even by the legal systems within entities they represent as officials, but both continued to run for a new terms in their offices.

So-called "deal of the century" implies disarming Palestinians, dissolving Palestinian Authority, demanding that Palestinians recognize Zionist entity as "Jewish state", ending Palestinian cultural and education programmes based on Palestinian history, demanding from Palestinians media stop any campaign against Zionist entity and to be in line with Western mainstream media matrix, no Palestinian refugees from 1948 until now would be allowed to return, Palestine would not have any right to develop diplomatic relations and those made by now should end (the fact is that Palestine established diplomatic relations with more countries than Zionist entity). US' Special Envoy for The Middle East, Jason Greenblatt, stated in February 2018, before announcement of so-called "deal" that Palestinians are not even required to agree with it. Spokesperson of State Department said at beginning of May this year that annexation of Palestine is "on Israel to decide".

Several days ago, Mike Pompeo visited occupied land of Palestine, on which Zionists has been raging for decades. US officials showed once more that they act on the basis of lawlessness. Amidst imposed restrictions due to questionable 'pandemic', while borders of most countries are closed, Pompeo travels across half of the world to visit his fellow savages and terrorists in Zionist entity to develop plans for future terrorism and crimes.

US Secretary of State visited the false officials of false Zionist state on the territory of occupied Palestinian land on May 13th to mark two years of Trump's administration decision to proclaim occupied Jerusalem a Zionist entity's capital and to support further forceful annexation of the rest of Palestinian land. The other reason for his visit was coordination with Zionist terrorists to work together against China.

While the world is still in a 'lockdown' due to imposed coronavirus pandemic, organized by Anglo-American terrorist states and their minions in various organizations, Pompeo travels across half of the world without any problem, without being tested or quarantined. Does he hold Zionist entity passport, if he is moving freely? Why the measurements of pandemic do not apply to US delegation? Do they all hold Zionist entity passports? Are they US or Zionist officials, or it is all the same now? Not so long ago, after becoming US Secretary of State, charlatan Pompeo commented the state of affairs in his previous job (at the CIA): "We lied, we cheated, we stole." He changed the job, but nothing else changed in his attitude or activity - it is in line with Zionists manners, as well.

"Trump's rhetoric is that of a casino" - Hajj Qassem said last year. And his behaviour is that of a silly and mindless person from a Wild West. Nothing has changed in USA, since its foundation - it is still governed by mindless cowboys, now joined by mindless Zionists.

What is "Vision for Peace" for arrogant Western world and their Zionist friends, it is state terrorism and crime for the most of the world. The small portion of humanity is brainwashed and supports inhuman occupation of Palestine and genocide of Palestinians. That is even more visible as pressure around world continues by arrogant West to support terrorist Zionist entity. As Western world became an advocate for Zionists' lies, deception and genocide, it has been falling apart more and more, ever since.

Apart of lies, cheating and stealing, murders can be added to USA's manner in state affairs. Only a few days after Pompeo left occupied Palestine, the Chinese Ambassador to Zionist entity, Du Wei, was found dead in Tel Aviv - that is in connection with the other reason for Pompeo's travel to occupied Palestine - to stop any Chinese activity in Western Asia. Du Wei's death came only two days after he publicly criticized US' hysterical propaganda against China. Not only the West and Zionists are against Palestine, but they are trying to plot against biggest world power today, China - that acting also which reveals their absence of reason and support for the law of the jungle. But, even in the jungle, there is some natural law which makes harmony among animals.

The law of the jungle pursued by the Axes of Evil (West and their Zionist friends) does not contain any natural order from the jungle - it only contains support for terrorism and crimes.

Although there will be more and more irrational and sabotage plans by the Axes of Evil to stop any process which is not under their control, especially connected to the occupation of Palestine, what is inevitable, will happen. No occupation lasts forever. No falsehood lasts forever - they are all exposed sooner or later. Even the twisted machinery of the Axes of Evil can not help what will happen in future. Even if West and Zionist together continue to plot against The Resistance; even if Vatican continues to covertly support Zionist entity; even if Western Europe still sits humiliated and hypnotized by disgraceful Zionists; even if Arab League still sleeps with no signs of awakening; even if all forces of evil unite in their hike against humanity and human compassion all around the world, their distorted and inhuman games will fail.

As Iranian Supreme Leader, Ali Khamenei, said: "In any case, Palestine will conquer its enemies by Allah's favor and grace. Baytul-Moqaddas [Al-Quds] is the capital of Palestine; the US, or powers greater or smaller than the US and its cohorts, cannot do a single thing against the divine truth and revelations about Palestine."


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