The lack of trust by high-ranking security and military officials over Naftali Bennett's proposed candidacy for the head of Shabak (Shin Bet) has made things difficult for the Israeli prime minister.

NOURNEWS - Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett has struggled to elect a new head of the Israeli Intelligence and Internal Security Agency (Shabak).

Reports indicate that there have been sharp disagreements between senior Tel Aviv security and military officials and some Knesset figures over Shabak's possible options, making it difficult for Bennett to choose a safe option.

According to information received by Nournews, the main reason for opposing the proposed individuals is their lack of confidence due to their widespread influence in the Zionist regime's intelligence-security layers, the only part of which is the escape of six Palestinian prisoners from the high-security prison, repeated cyber attacks and widespread rebellion of some commanders and the soldiers rejecting direct fire orders against the people of Gaza.

Over the past few months, many former Israeli security officials have warned Israeli officials about expanding their influence in various levels of Israeli security.


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