According to an agreement reached between Arden Trabelsi, director of the Israeli company SuperCom, and Abdullah bin Tawq al-Marri, Minister of Economics of the UAE, every Muslim who travels to the UAE to attend the Dubai Expo is required to use the company's electronic bracelets and accommodation in the hotels they have specified.

NOURNEWS - The Zionist regime intends to use the electronic tracking bracelets of the Israeli company Supercom to control Muslims at the Expo Dubai.

Furthermore, about two weeks ago, at the same time with the heavy spying of the Zionist media against Iran in the Persian Gulf and the occurrence of cyber disturbances in the navigation systems of several vessels in the region that the UAE had announced.

On the other hand; News reports received by Nournews indicate that Israeli intelligence officers have been stationed at CENTCOM for the past few months and are planning joint operations.

The combination of these events shows that apparently the Naftali-Bennett government insists on the continuation of evil actions in the region, and in this regard, in addition to the cooperation of countries such as the UAE, the support and support of the White House has been further caused.

Supercom is a leading Israeli security company in the digital field that manufactures advanced security products and provides them to governments and private organizations around the world.

In an interview with Jill Hoffman, President of the Jerusalem Post and Editor-in-Chief of the Voice of Israel published by the Egyptian website Al-Muharram, Arden Trabelsi, President and CEO of Supercom, referred to the economic aspects of the Ibrahim Agreement (normalization of Arab-Israeli relations) "As expected, a new phase of relations has begun after the signing of the agreement, and Supercom has reached an agreement with the UAE Ministry of Economics to secure the expo," he said.

The Dubai Expo is the world's largest economic exhibition, which starts on October 1, 2021 and lasts until March 31, 2022, and will be attended by 191 countries.

"According to the agreement, reached with the UAE Economics Minister Abdullah bin Tawq al-Marri, every Muslim from South Africa, Algeria, Nigeria, Libya, Tunisia, Egypt, Jordan, Syria, Lebanon, Turkey, Iran, Pakistan, Afghanistan," said Trabelsi. "India and Indonesia will travel to the UAE to participate in the exhibition and are required to use the electronic bracelet."

"This bracelet allows us to control the person through different technologies," he adds. "The security control of our equipment will minimize the possibility of criminal, espionage and terrorist acts."

Referring to the agreement, the supercom manager said: "The UAE government has accepted to provide us with the information of passengers who are obliged to use supercom's bracelets, and accordingly, Muslims participating in the Dubai Expo will be stationed in certain hotels where Supercom's electronic equipment is installed."

BY: Mohammad Ghaderi


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