On Thursday, August 19, 2021, after nearly three weeks, the "Golden Brilliant" ship, which the Western media claimed was hit by Iranian mines and hijacked by Iranian forces, arrived at Pier 49 with the same Singaporean flag an hour ago. Shahid Rajaei port in the Persian Gulf has been loaded.

NOURNEWS - It was three weeks ago that on the eve of the inauguration ceremony in Iran, the Zionist regime, with the heavy support of the American and British political-media, began to spy on the media with the aim of destabilizing the Persian Gulf and the Sea of Oman.

The spying, which immediately escorted British and US foreign ministers Dominic Robb and Anthony Blinken and even threatened Iran with military retaliation, led to two unsubstantiated allegations about Iran's role in the Israeli shipwreck. "Mercer Street" and the hijacking of the two ships "Asphalt Princess" and "Golden Brilliant" were key.

Reuters reported at the time that Iranian-backed gunmen had hijacked the hijacked Princess Asphalt ship in the Gulf of Oman and taken the Golden Brilliant to an unknown destination.

Al-Arabiya Farsi also narrated this false news as follows: According to marine sources as well as the British media, the tanker "Golden Brilliant" carrying the flag of Singapore and another ship called "Princess Asphalt" was abducted by Iranian-backed militants in international waters near the port of Al-Fujairah, UAE, and taken to an unknown destination in the Gulf of Oman.

At the same time, many virtual networks aligned with the West, in order to complete the psychological war that had started, also raised the issue of mining the waterways of the region by Iran, and in a heavy atmosphere, claimed that the tanker "Golden Brilliant" containing chemicals and Carries the flag of Singapore in the east of the Strait of Hormuz has been hit by landmines planted by Iranian forces.

This heavy psychological operation was carried out on the one hand with the aim of destabilizing the region and blaming Iran for intensifying the pressure in the Vienna talks, and on the other hand disturbing the peace in the country on the eve of the presidential inauguration although initially accompanied by Westerners. In the UN Security Council, it created a poisonous atmosphere against our country, but it suddenly collapsed when the Zionist lies were exposed.

On the other hand; with the revelation of the establishment of the Mossad cyber station in the UAE and the disruption of the navigation systems of vessels in the region, it became clear that the scope of this psychological operation was wider and the problems created for passing merchant ships, not by Iran but by Mossad.

Now, today, Thursday, August 19, 2021, and after nearly three weeks, the same ship "Golden Brilliant" that the media claimed to have hit the Iranian mines and its abduction by Iranian forces arrived at the dock with the same Singapore flag an hour ago. No. 49 of Shahid Rajaei port in the Persian Gulf has been loaded!

Another interesting point in exposing the West-Zionist lie about the Golden Brilliant ship is that in a telephone conversation with a Nournews reporter, the captain of the ship lied about all the spying of the Zionists three weeks ago and said that there were no problems for us at that time!

Accordingly, it should be noted that media outlets such as Reuters, which have belittled themselves to the level of Saudi International lies firms, BBC Persian, Al Arabiya, etc. They have lowered their professional credentials in the Zionist basket and still refuse to release the names of the two sailors who claimed to have been killed in the Iranian attack, how they will react in the face of this other scandal.

BY: Mohammad Ghaderi


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