The moves of Iran and Hezbollah in supplying the fuel needed by the Lebanese people have been met with a negative reaction by some Lebanese groups and political figures whose behavior and positions have been the main cause of severe economic and social crises in Lebanon in recent weeks and months.

NOURNEWS - Before noon today, Thursday, Sayyid Hassan Nasrallah, Secretary General of Hezbollah in Lebanon, in his speech on the occasion of Ashura, announced the departure of fuel ships from Iran to Lebanon and seriously warned against any attack on them.

Immediately after the news was presented by the Secretary General of Hezbollah, some individuals, media and networks of domestic and foreign dissent, with the aim of disturbing the public mind inside the country, began to cast doubt on how to pay for the shipments.

Meanwhile, according to the news report received by Nournews, the Iranian fuel shipments mentioned by Sayyid Hassan Nasrallah today were all bought by a group of Lebanese Shiite businessmen and are considered their property from the moment of loading.

In addition to the speculations in this regard, Nasrallah's speech took on a wider dimension from the very beginning, and the political-media front of the resistance inside and outside Lebanon reacted in various ways.

Of course, the negative reaction against the action of Iran and Hezbollah in supplying the fuel needed by the Lebanese people by Lebanese anti-Hezbollah political figures such as Saad Hariri and Samir Geagea, whose behavior and positions in recent weeks and months are the main cause of severe economic and social crises, are facing widespread reaction from Lebanese users.

On the other hand, Zionist journalists and media outlets have also reacted angrily to Nasrallah's statement that "Iranian fuel ships have been considered since they were sent to Lebanon," provoking widespread reactions on social media, calling Hezbollah another move for Israel and expanding the equation of accountability. And stated deterrence by Sayyid Hassan Nasrallah.

In any case, what is clear is that the authoritative action by Iran and Hezbollah in breaking the economic blockade of the Lebanese people by the Western-Hebrew-Arab axis, which, with the complicity of the traitorous elements inside Lebanon, has created a wave of anger between the internal and external enemies of the resistance who are trying to turn the issue upside down by suspicion and distortion of reality.

BY: Mohammad Ghaderi


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