Another manifestation of state terrorism of the Zionist regime and its supporters makes it necessary to pay attention to the localization of the country's software and network structures in order to be safe from such espionage and anti-human structures.

NOURNEWS - According to a report by a non-governmental organization called "Forbidden Stories" and "Amnesty International", the Israeli spy software company "NSO" has sold malware called "Pegasus" to authoritarian countries, which many human rights activists, journalists and lawyers around the world were targeted with. According to the reports, published so far, during this period, the telephone numbers of 50,000 people were controlled through this company. The Pegasus malware allows governments to secretly activate the microphone of telephone devices while accessing text messages, photos, emails and phone calls. In addition to the 180 journalists, the list also includes the names of some heads of state and government, members of the Arab royal family and big business executives. The activity of the "NSO" company can be considered another aspect of the state terrorism of the Zionist regime in the form of software terrorism against world security, which makes it necessary to deal with it globally. Western countries, with Hochi Gray, have identified countries such as Iran, Russia and China as the cause of cyber and software threats, claiming to have imposed sanctions and pressure on them, which they have silenced and supported in the face of the Zionist regime's software terrorism. This accompaniment becomes even more apparent when WhatsApp messengers in 2019 complained to NSO that it was behind the attack on 1,400 phones, but Western countries did not impose any sanctions on the company and the Zionist regime. On the other hand, the company claims to have sold its software only to the security services, police and armies of countries with good human rights records, most recently to the United States in the wake of a spy scandal involving German officials, including Angela Merkel. On the other hand, the names of those close to those close to those like Khashoggi, who was murdered by Saudi Crown Prince Bin Salman, can also be seen published in The List, which reveals the main nature of the Israeli company's malware customers. Obviously, the software of the Israeli company has been provided to the friends of the Zionist regime, including some major European countries and the United States. Given the nature of the company and its software, it can be concluded that the use of this software controls and eliminates critics of the Zionist regime, capitalism and structure. He rules over the supporters of the Zionist regime. For their own benefit, they have concealed the nature of the company and, on the other hand, used it to violate freedom of expression and control journalists and human rights activists while ostensibly claiming to protect human rights. The report can be considered as a warning to the countries that consider the relationship with the Zionist regime and the use of its intelligence tools as a function for their security. Countries such as the UAE, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, and the Republic of Azerbaijan, along with the Iraqi Kurdistan region, which allow Israeli spy and security companies to operate under the pretext of their security, should know that this regime and its affiliates are not only a threat to their security but also a threat to their security. They are the world, and these countries must be held accountable for the consequences of this cooperation in order to pave the way for the activities of this regime and its companies.

On that point; more clearly, another aspect of state terrorism of the Zionist regime and its supporters makes it binding to pay attention to the localization of the country's software and network structures to protect such espionage and anti-human structures, which sometimes operate under the title of side companies to enforce influence in the target countries. It is clear that in addition to high missile and defense capabilities, strengthening the country's cyber and software capabilities as part of the Islamic Republic's soft power to counter enemy threats is important to maintain and improve the country's security. According to this, proper management, awareness and public culture regarding the use of cyberspace and software to maintain individual and collective security of the people and the country is important and necessary.

BY: Pooya Mirzaei


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