The Operation Nasr Mobin of the Yemenis against terrorism can be considered as a continuation of the actions of the Resistance Front, which has blocked the way for terrorists and their supporters in Iraq and Syria.

NOURNEWS - On Thursday night, Yemeni army spokesman Brigadier General Yahya Saree explained the details of Operation Nasr Mobin by the People's Committees and the Yemeni army in al-Bayda province against al-Qaeda and ISIS terrorists. Hundreds of Takfiri terrorists were killed in the missile and drone operations of the Yemeni forces in this operation, which was unique in its kind in the fight against terrorism.

This operation is important from several aspects:

The US-Saudi coalition began aggression and killing against the Yemeni people in 2015, claiming to support the Yemeni people and countering of what they called Ansarullah terrorism. The important point of the Operation Nasr, is that on one side of the equation are the Ansarullah-led by the Yemeni People's Committees and Army, which have fought to support the people in fighting ISIS and al-Qaeda terrorists, and on the other side, the US-Saudi coalition, through direct military aggression, the use of cluster and chemical bombs, siege and sanctions along with ISIS and al-Qaeda seek to kill the Yemeni people. According to documents released by Yahya Saree, fighters of the Saudi-American coalition carried out 161 airstrikes on the positions of the Yemeni People's Committees and the Yemeni Army in support of Takfiri groups during the operation. Second: ISIS and al-Qaeda are threats to the world peace and security, so the actions of the Yemenis can be evaluated not only in the context of the security of this country, but also in the context of world security. The Yemenis have achieved great success while being under siege and severe sanctions, but relying on domestic knowledge, they have been able to achieve appreciable drones and missile power, both in the fight against Saudi Arabia and, on the other hand, against al-Qaeda terrorism and ISIS, and it shows the will and the high spirit of the Yemenis. The question now is how the claimants of human rights and global security have remained silent in the face of the suffering of a nation that plays a valuable role in world security and the fight against terrorism? This behavior of human rights claimants and the United Nations is a proof of their political and irresponsible nature in the face of global developments, which, on the one hand, encourage the murderers of the Yemeni people by removing Saudi Arabia from their list of child killers, and on the other hand, impose sanctions and punish The Yemeni people are participating in their massacre. Third: Operation Nasr Mobin of the Yemenis against terrorism can be considered as a continuation of the actions of the Resistance Front, which blocked the way for terrorists and their supporters in Iraq and Syria. On the other hand, the so-called US-led anti-al-Qaeda and then anti-ISIS coalition has been formed for 20 years, occupying Afghanistan and leaving it in the midst of a wave of civil war and crisis, as well as open support for terrorism such as operations. The United States can be seen in Iraq and Syria against the people's forces and the fighters against terrorism. The culmination of this terrorism was the US action in the assassination of martyr General Qasem Soleimani and Abu Mahdi al-Muhandes, the deputy of the popular mobilization in the UAV terrorist attack at Baghdad airport. In fact, the missile, drone and military capabilities of the Resistance Front are used to fight terrorism, but the US missile and drone capabilities are used to support terrorism and kill women and children.

Based on this; it can be said that Operation Nasr Mobin, in addition to playing an influential role in Yemen's political and security equations in the field of global security and the fight against terrorism, is important and emphasizes the need to change the irresponsible and inhumane behavior of international organizations and human rights claimants towards Yemen. The resistance of Yemen and the confrontation with the American-Saudi coalition make it all the more necessary to end the aggression and punish the perpetrators of the aggression against Yemen. Today, the international community is on the path of fundamental choice because if it takes the right path to support the Yemenis, it can take important steps in the fight against terrorism and the realization of world security, and if it follows the wrong and critical policies of the past. It goes on to say that it has strengthened and dared more terrorist groups, which will result in the escalation of insecurity in the world.

BY: Pooya Mirzaei


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