The issue of stable governance and the people of Afghanistan are important to the Islamic Republic of Iran. The current political issue that is most popular among the people of this country and can prove its sovereignty in order to bring peace, tranquility and economic development to this country.

NOURNEWS - Looking at the recent trends in political events that are taking place in Afghanistan's neighboring country, it can be said that the Islamic Republic of Iran, given its economic interactions, cultural commonalities and common history with this country, is very intensively and carefully examining the event in Afghanistan. The location of Iran and Afghanistan in a common area of civilization has made it difficult for us as a neighbor with a 900-kilometer border, so the officials of the Islamic Republic in the field of foreign policy consider it important to maintain Afghanistan's security contributes significantly to the security of Iran and the region, while the policy of supporting the people of Afghanistan as a nation is one of our most strategic foreign policies. Many Afghans have been living in Islamic Iran for decades. Islamic Iran has extensive and growing economic interactions with the friendly and brotherly country of Afghanistan, the further consideration of which can provide the two countries with a wider and more diverse capacity for trade. From this perspective, any instability in Afghanistan issues is not ineffective for the Islamic Republic of Iran either. The security relationship between the two countries confirms the important issue that both countries should seek to increase security and promote a secure relationship with each other, so the current and future situation of the two countries, Iran and Afghanistan affect each other and we cannot be indifferent to what is happening in Afghanistan. Establishing security in Afghanistan has always been one of the most important concerns of the Islamic Republic of Iran. Certainly, the fate of different ethnic groups and religions in Afghanistan is very important for the Islamic Republic of Iran because part of the Afghan people also consider the Islamic Revolution and the Islamic Republic as their supporter. The actions taken by the Taliban in Afghanistan in the recent months, which have increased the sensitivity of the Afghan issue to national security institutions, prompted the regime of the Islamic Republic of Iran to take a serious decision to increase security in the two countries, including a summit. The Taliban and the Afghan government last week called on both sides to establish and increase peace, stability, security and tranquility for the Afghan people. The Islamic Republic of Iran, by inviting all influential currents in Afghanistan, including the government, Mujahedeen with long history in this country and the Taliban, addressed several important issues. Emphasis on establishing stability and security in Afghanistan, which is an important issue for the Islamic Republic of Iran. Undoubtedly, the Islamic Republic of Iran is by no means willing to tolerate the insecurity of the borders and the insecurity of Afghanistan after the escape of American forces in Afghanistan, so it will not spare any effort to establish stability and security of the governing institutions in this country. The second issue is the issue of public health, and the next important point is to increase the relationship between Iran and Afghanistan. At the same time, the Islamic Republic of Iran cannot be indifferent to the puzzle of the Americans seeking instability and political anarchism in Afghanistan. B Therefore, the Islamic Republic of Iran invites all parties to call for peace and the establishment of a strong state, an independent state with clear sovereignty. Invited. Certainly, the issue of stable and popular governance in Afghanistan is important for the Islamic Republic of Iran, and the political current that is most favored by the people of this country and can prove its sovereignty to bring peace, tranquility and economic development to this country is especially supported. The Islamic Republic of Iran will be, therefore, the Islamic Republic of Iran will not support any group or movement that seeks to impose its demands by creating tensions and weakening the sovereignty of Afghanistan or by using force. Undoubtedly, the views and actions of the Islamic Republic of Iran are certainly different from many trans-regional countries such as the United States regarding Afghanistan, and no trans-regional countries can create any playground in Afghanistan for the Islamic Republic, given its history of relations with the Afghan people and government.

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