The German foreign minister's claim is more of a media speech than just the actual behavior of the country against terrorism, which focuses on justifying German militancy in the world and its support for US state terrorism, the Zionist regime and the Saudi regime.

NOURNEWS - German Foreign Minister Haiku Moss said on the eve of the so-called anti-ISIS coalition summit in Rome on the fight against ISIL: "The militant group has been pushed back, but it has not been defeated." Claiming Germany's fight against terrorism, Moss said: "We in Rome explicitly declare that we will not allow terrorists even one centimeter, even in Africa." Germany's claim against terrorism, however, is questionable, and its answer can be found in its performance in the fight against terrorism and the realization of world security and peace. According to most political and security experts, one of the main axes of the growth of terrorism and extremism in the world has been the colonial policies of the domination system, which has directly or indirectly paved the way for the formation and expansion of terrorist groups. On one hand, the colonial regime, with its colonial and unilateral policies, has officially and directly implemented state terrorism, which is a manifestation of military aggression, assassination of individuals, economic and scientific sanctions, and so on. On the other hand, the great powers have dominated countries by sectarianizing and establishing militant currents, which can be seen in Africa and West Asia. It is noteworthy that the crimes of the hegemonic system, especially in Islamic countries, have paved the way for radical approaches among some communities. Based on this, it can be said that terrorism is more than anything born of the capitalist system and the domination of the great powers, and Germany, as one of the pillars of this structure, along with countries such as the United States, Britain and France, has played an effective role in shaping this situation. Another aspect of Germany's record in Afghanistan is that it has had a 20-year military presence in Afghanistan under the auspices of NATO, while not only has Afghanistan not seen peace and security, but today, like during the civil war, it faces a severe security crisis. If Germany and its Western partners really had the will to fight terrorism, the situation in Afghanistan today would not be like this. On the other hand, while fighting terrorism, Moss says he officially supports US terrorist behavior if, at the same time as the Rome summit, the US bombed the headquarters of the Iraqi Popular Mobilization Forces, part of the country's official defense forces against terrorism, and those present at the summit. Germany, for example, supported it. This support for terrorism is such that Germany supported it when Trump was martyred at the Baghdad airport on Trump's orders when Sardar Shahid Qassem Soleimani and Abu Mahdi al-Muhandis, Hashd al-Shaabi's deputy, who were recognized by the world as the main pillars of the fight against terrorism, were martyred. Putting Lebanon's Hezbollah on the terror list and imposing sanctions on it, taking action against Palestinian resistance groups As recently approved a plan to ban the raising of the Hamas flag in Germany, suppressing demonstrations by Palestinian resistance supporters during the 12-day Gaza war, active participation in sanctions Europe and US Caesar sanctions against Syria, participation in anti-Iranian sanctions are part of Germany's moves in the region. Given these factors, it can be seen that Moss's claim is more of a media speech than a justification of Germany's actual behavior against terrorism, which also focuses on justifying German militancy around the world and its support for US, Zionist and Saudi state terrorism. An important point in Moss' speech is his emphasis on preventing the spread of terrorism in Africa, which reflects Germany's approach to the spread of militarism in Africa, as Germany, Britain, and the United States have begun large-scale movements in Africa. Given the history of crimes committed by these countries in Africa, such as the genocide committed by Germany in Namibia, not only will it not eradicate terrorism, but it will bring new dimensions of extremism and terrorism.

BY: Mohammad Ghaderi


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