According to the agreement between Iran and the IAEA, CCTV cameras and surveillance equipment will continue to record activities at Iran's nuclear facilities for three months (until May 22), and if negotiations to lift the sanctions are not completed within three months, the recorded information will be deleted without submission to the IAEA.

NOURNEWS - The Director General of the International Atomic Energy Agency said on Monday: "We are in the middle of technical talks with Iran, which is parallel to political talks."

He added: "The outcome of the political talks requires patience, but if there is no political agreement before June 1, I will start direct talks with Iran to ensure that the inspections continue."

Abbas Araghchi, the head of Iran's negotiating team in Vienna, who recently met with the IAEA Director General, also told the Japanese media "Anachuki" on the sidelines of the UN Security Council talks in Vienna: "Iran hopes for progress by the end of the quarterly agreement with the IAEA (May 22), and achieve significant results, but Tehran is ready to consider extending this agreement if necessary.

According to a law passed by the Islamic Consultative Assembly entitled "Strategic Action to Lift Sanctions and Protect the Interests of the Nation", Iran suspended the voluntary implementation of the Additional Protocol to the Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons on March 16, continuing to reduce its obligations.

A few days before the voluntary implementation of the Additional Protocol ceased during Rafael Grossi's visit to Tehran, an agreement was signed under which CCTV and surveillance equipment will continue to record activities at the Islamic Republic's nuclear facilities for three months, but the recorded data will be provided to the IAEA if only an agreement has been reached to lift the sanctions.

Iran has also stated that it will delete information recorded from its activities during this period if negotiations with the IAEA are not concluded within the three-month deadline.

Although the Deputy Foreign Minister has announced his readiness to consider extending the agreement with the IAEA, the possibility of Iran agreeing to an extension of the agreement with the IAEA remains unclear.


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