Robert Malley emphasizes that the US government continues to hold the baton of threats and sanctions and is cooperating with a regime that not only has its prime minister repeatedly said it seeks to destroy Iran's peaceful nuclear program, but is also a prime suspect in some of the sabotages in Iran's nuclear facilities.

NOURNEWS - Axios News Agency reported in a report on Wednesday night, Tehran time, quoting informed sources, that the United States and the Zionist regime, during their recent strategic meeting of security and intelligence officials, agreed to form a joint special team. Share information about Iran's nuclear program. In this regard, a senior Israeli official, while expressing satisfaction with the recent meeting with US security-intelligence officials, told Axios: "We agreed on information. There are slight differences, but in general, our perception of the available information is similar. The recent meeting was very positive, but this is only the beginning of a process. It will be a tortuous path." On the other hand, Robert Malley, the US government's special envoy for Iran, said in an interview with the BBC Persian; The previous US administration's policy of maximum pressure on Iran has failed, and now Biden's goal is for the two sides to reach a point where the United States can lift sanctions and fully implement its obligations to Iran under JCPOA. " We are not at all happy with these sanctions, and we know that they have created a difficult situation, but we want to do something to talk to them in any way that the Iranian government is comfortable with! " He added. On the other hand, the Financial Times quoted a senior White House official as saying the Biden administration has warned China that it will continue Trump-era oil sanctions on Iran, which would mean a continuation of the maximum pressure policy, as endorsed by Trump's son-in-law and adviser Jared Kushner. What can be deduced from these statements is nothing more than a "fraudulent strategy," as Robert Malley emphasizes while negotiating that the US government, on the one hand, continues to hold the baton of threat as it has said about selling oil to the Chinese. On the other hand, it is cooperating with a regime that not only its prime minister has repeatedly stated that it seeks to destroy Iran's peaceful nuclear program, but is also the main suspect in some of the sabotage of our country's nuclear facilities. The point is that one of the goals of this fraudulent strategy is to break the people's trust in the sovereignty of Iran, which unfortunately some are trapped inside and, without gaining experience from the past, think that the hypocrisy of the West can be met with good intentions. It should be noted that the seemingly soft positions of Robert Malley, along with the slightly more difficult positions of Anthony Blinken and perhaps a little harder of Jake Sullivan, are all pieces of a pre-designed puzzle called "Coercion Diplomacy" that the Biden administration is working on, in line with the US grand strategy towards Iran.

BY: Mohammad Ghaderi


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