The leaked news about the reduction of economic pressures on Iran by the United States is in completing the scenario of Biden's game and definitely is in the framework of the big strategy of this country, in order to use JCPOA's concessions without paying any cost.

NOURNEWS - The American Bloomberg News Agency claimed in a report on Saturday, February 6, that the Biden administration is looking for a way to reduce economic pressure on Iran without the need to lift sanctions.

Bloomberg quoted four people close to Joe Biden's government as saying that government officials were considering options to facilitate borrowing from the International Monetary Fund and Iran's access to global aid to the fight against Covid19.

Leaking this information and publishing it in an official media, in a situation where members of the Biden administration in recent days with ambiguous speeches and baseless conditions, trying to create an atmosphere for the country to return to the UN Security Council and pressure Iran to stop confronting actions, it is definitely in the framework of the big strategy of this country, in order to use JCPOA's concessions without paying any cost.

There are notable things about this new US action that need to be carefully considered:

First; Because, contrary to repeated campaign statements and recent statements by Antony Blinken, Wendy Sherman, and William Burns, no practical action has yet been taken to return to JCPOA and fulfill US commitments, and even Biden made no mention of JCPOA in his first foreign policy remarks. No, the announcement by the media of this news, while not imposing any responsibility on his government, will create a new wave to reduce the pressure on Biden.

Second; Assessing the reaction of other parties, including Iran, Europe, Russia and China, can be considered as another target of this media operation. Naturally, evaluating the reactions to this news and summarizing it can be a significant help in making final decisions in the future.

Third; The leak could go a long way toward easing pressure on Israel, Saudi Arabia and a range of Republicans who oppose the US return to the JCPOA.

Fourth; The announcement of the readiness to open the drip highlights the difference between Biden and Trump in the eyes of observers and public opinion, which in practice puts pressure on Iran to react positively to this so-called positive approach.

Fifth; This absurd game is intended to buy time, and in the short term can bring domestic and global opponents of Trump's destructive behavior closer to Biden's America.

Sixth; The release of this news provides an opportunity and time for a committed Europe to continue with its previous course, despite the huge debts it owes for not fulfilling its obligations to JCPOA, and at the same time to intensify pressure on Iran to stop the process of reducing JCPOA's obligations.

However; Iran has clearly defined its positions, which have become an inevitable requirement with the recent parliamentary law, and as the Supreme Leader of the Revolution said today in a meeting with Air Force commanders; The Americans and the Europeans have no right to make any conditions because they have violated their obligations, and the party that has to set conditions is the Islamic Republic of Iran because it has kept its commitments. Therefore, Iran will return to its obligations when the United States lifts all sanctions in practice and not in words or on paper, and these lifting of sanctions will be verified by Iran. This is the definite and irreversible policy of the Islamic Republic of Iran and the common denominator of all officials, and no one will deviate from it.

BY: Pooya Mirzaei


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