Addressing some certain Persian Gulf littoral states, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani said that Iran's defense and weapons power is in the interest of the entire region and not a threat to these countries.

"We run the country under the toughest sanctions in history. The situation is not normal, but the situation is not the one that enemies expected. They thought we would not have resilience in a few months" said President on Wednesday in the cabinet session.

"The government and the nation have stood together for two and a half years and resisted against terrorist embargo and economic pressure," he added.

"The Americans, the Zionists and the reactionaries in the region thought that they would cause an economic crisis for our country with the sanctions, and this economic crisis would turn into a social and security crisis in the country but they failed in all three stages," Rouhani noted.

"Our neighboring countries should not let the United States abuse them and ask them to issue a statement," Iranian President said referring to the letter sent by the Persian Gulf Cooperation Council (PGCC) to the UN Security Council.

"The letter was not the result of an official meeting of Persian Gulf Cooperation Council (PGCC), and only the secretary wrote a letter to the UN Security Council requesting an extension of the arms embargo on Iran," he added.

"I want to advise some certain Persian Gulf littoral states that Iran's defense and weapons power is in the interest of the entire region. We use our weapons and facilities to defend our country and confront enemies and foreign aggression" Rouhani said.

"Iran's defense power is not a threat to your countries. Those who loot your property and sell you weapons to bomb your neighbors and destroy the Yemeni people are acting against you. We are on your side," he stressed.

Referring to the invasion of Iraq's former dictator Saddam to Kuwait, Rouhani said, "On the day Saddam invaded Kuwait, Iran was the first country in the region issued an official statement to condemn his act."

"We helped Kuwait and its people in practice, and we did not help Saddam in this regard," he added, saying, "In practice, we have shown that we support the neighboring countries and seek stability in the region."

"If we had given Saddam a green light, he could occupy Saudi Arabia, Qatar and the UAE the day after he occupied Kuwait," Iranian President highlighted.

He went on to say, "If Iran had not stood for the stability in the region, Saddam would have swallowed all your countries."

"As we used to be your brother and supporter, today we are your supporter too," he stressed.

President added, "US policy was unsuccessful against Iran, and Iran will succeed in its programs in accordance with the law, regulations and national and regional interests."

Referring to the Beirut explosion and suffering of the Lebanese people, he said, "Now it is not the time to abuse the incident. Today we all should help the Lebanese people."

"Iran sent two planes carrying humanitarian aids to Lebanon on the first day. In recent days, Iran also sent two other planes to Beirut. We sent medicine, equipment and materials needed by the Lebanese people," he added.

"In a phone call with the Lebanese president, I promised to help them, saying Iran is even ready to help in the reconstruction of the port," Rouhani said, adding, "We call on other countries to help Lebanon in this situation."

Mehr News Agency

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