Speaker of Parliament: "Western countries, especially the United States and some European countries, have once again shown their unreliable and hostile nature towards the Iranian people."

NOURNEWS - The Speaker of the Islamic Consultative Assembly, Mohammad Baqer Qalibaf, stated in his speech before his order in today's (Sunday) public session of the parliament: "Our dear nation is aware that in recent days there have been discussions on the issue of nuclear at the political and media levels, and I need to make a few points to the representatives and the people."

"In recent days, Western countries, especially the United States and some European countries, have once again shown their unreliable and hostile nature to the Iranian people. And for the tenth time, they proved to us that there is no other way to protect the rights and dignity of the Iranian nation and guarantee progress than to stand up and resist intelligently and revolutionary wisdom."

Qalibaf, in response to the issuance of a resolution by the IAEA Board of Governors against Iran, stated: "Under no circumstances will the Agency be allowed to violate any legal framework."

"We believe that any kind of negotiation must be from a position of power, and that negotiations with the United States are absolutely forbidden; We also call on the Atomic Energy Organization and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to take the necessary action in this regard and submit their report to the parliament."

"The behavior of the enemy these days has turned the smart and active resistance option into a strategic option for the Iranian nation, behind which there is a complete national and political consensus, and the will of the Iranian nation is its guarantor and supporter. This is something that I call on all Western countries and those who sit in closed rooms and conspire against the Iranian people to pay special attention to." He added.

"The Iranian nation has chosen the path of active resistance, and this is the decisive demand of the nation and the consensus of the officials, and there will be no other way in the coming months."

Qalibaf went on to recall the developments of recent weeks and the resolution issued by the United States and the Zionist regime and the treacherous use of European countries against Iran by the IAEA Board of Governors, as he stated: "Everyone saw that, despite all the scandals that had taken place, no global consensus had been formed against Iran, and that some great powers and other countries had openly opposed the resolution."

He continued: "A large part of those who voted for the resolution were under heavy pressure from the United States. The false notion of the Zionist circles behind these plans is that they can create a rift in Iran with childish staging and in the hope that the ranks of the nation and the system will be established in Iran, First of all, by issuing resolutions, Iran will gain the power of initiative and creativity within the framework of the strategy of active resistance. And secondly, to bring dear Iran into a corridor of negotiations and pressure again so that they may be able to cover up their internal and acute problems. And to reopen the way to new blackmail and encroachment on the pillars and components of Iran's national power, especially in the military and defense fields."

"I strongly and unequivocally state that there is a full consensus among Islamic State officials today that the United States and the Zionist regime are unable to achieve any of their regional and international goals, and under no circumstances will the Agency be allowed to violate the legal framework."

"The history of the last 17 years shows that Iran has always had the most generous cooperation with the IAEA in the framework of its international regulations and national interests, but often it has gained nothing but more hostility and more blackmail. The Iranian nation, with its new political will, which has been best revealed in recent months and which I and you are proud to represent, has invalidated all compromising and trade-offs and has chosen the path of active resistance with power."

"Of course, we are not against diplomacy and negotiations, but we believe that negotiations with the United States are absolutely harmful and forbidden. Negotiations with European countries must be conducted with the utmost confidence, and negotiations with the IAEA must be conducted with the assurance of their independence from the dominant powers. And negotiations with other countries should be planned according to this index, of how much they support the rights and interests of the Iranian nation in sensitive scenes."

He noted that: "In addition, we believe that any kind of negotiation should take place from a position of power and relying on the strong will of the Iranian people and the technical capabilities of these agencies and revolutionary institutions. Unfortunately, the Europeans, instead of appreciating Iran's patience in pursuing non-compliance with their commitments, have resorted to projection and flight, forcing countries to vote against Iran in the Governing Council."

"But unaware that Iran has passed the threat stage, have they not seen the unity of the Iranian people under the coffin of the glorious martyr Soleimani, who still thinks that we are trapped in resolutions, a nation whose ships sailed to South America and with and raised their flag with pride, of course, will not delay the meaningless resolutions."

"Following the US demands to advance the resolution on Friday, the Europeans showed that they have a lot of Americans in their grudges against Iran. Europeans should know that the United States has not succeeded in pursuing its policies based on the policy of kneeling on the backs of independent nations, and today it has not mediated Europe with its own goals. Today, the resolution is responsible for today's tensions between the Islamic Republic of Iran and the IAEA, and these countries must accept the consequences of this action."

"The Islamic Republic has proven that it does not accept pressure and reacts appropriately to it. We have started the period of shortening the crisis and they probably understand that we are now on the anniversary of the drowning of the aggressor drone and the post-Ein al-Assad era. Here, I explicitly state that the Islamic Consultative Assembly, as the custodian of the rights of the nation, accepts cooperation only in return for cooperation."

He implied: "On this basis, we call on the Atomic Energy Organization and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to design an appropriate response to this action as soon as possible and to present it to the parliament and to the esteemed representatives. We also appreciate the goodwill of the two countries, Russia and China, for this resolution, and remind some of the neighboring countries that have been plagued by Western mischief that they are eternal neighbors, and the benefits of cooperating with Europe and the United States are fleeting."


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