The Secretary General of the Palestinian Islamic Jihad Movement stated that although the commander lost a significant role in the resistance axis with the martyrdom of General Soleimani, the resistance plan in the region continues with the important role of General Qaani.

NOURNEWS- "The reality today is that the Zionist regime wants all the land of Palestine," said Ziad al-Nakhala, secretary general of the Palestinian Islamic Jihad Movement, about the plan to annex part of the West Bank to occupied Palestine.

The Secretary General of the Palestinian Islamic Jihad Movement stated that the scenario of the Zionist regime is that the West Bank is the main axis of the scenario in the region.

The Secretary General of the Islamic Jihad said: "The West Bank has been under the occupation of the Zionist regime since 1967, so the accession of the West Bank is an event that has taken place and what is going on in the deal of the century is drawing the existing facts."

Al-Nakhala, who spoke to Al-Mayadin, added: "Some Palestinian groups have aligned themselves with the countries that want to normalize relations with the Zionist regime."

The Secretary General of the Islamic Jihad Movement said that resistance is the only option for the Palestinian people, adding that the Palestinians must continue to resist until their goals and aspirations are achieved.

"As long as the Palestinian people live outside their homeland, the Day of the Victory continues for them, we will continue to be in the same situation as the day of the Prophet," said Ziad al-Nakhala. The Palestinian nation came.

Al-Nakhalah stated that the only thing the Zionist regime has offered to the Palestinians is autonomy, and that the Palestinian Authority manages the affairs of the West Bank with less autonomy.

Ziad al-Nakhala added: "The Arab world must take practical steps to address and support the Palestinian issue." We do not want to have this illusion and say that the Arab countries are supporting us and helping us.

The Secretary General of the Palestinian Islamic Jihad Movement said that there is a stronghold of resistance in Gaza. "Today's resistance in Palestine and the region is stronger than ever, and there is the strength of resistance and the will to stand from Palestine to Lebanon and Iran," he said.

Al-Nakhaleh added: "With the martyrdom of General Soleimani, we have lost the commander who played a pivotal role in supporting the resistance, but the resistance plan continues in the region and now Haj Ismail Qaani, commander of the Quds Force of the Revolutionary Guards, plays an important role in this regard."

Emphasizing that the Islamic Republic of Iran has immediately supported the resistance in all areas, he stated: Martyr Soleimani was Iran's representative in supporting the resistance and with his martyrdom the support for the resistance continues.

The secretary general of the Islamic Jihad movement said that in the event of any attack on Gaza, the resistance would respond unequivocally, and that all Israeli areas were under the control of resistance missiles.

He referred to the issue of World Al-Quds Day and said: "Al-Quds Day is a response from Imam Khomeini (RA) to say that the issue of Palestine is an Islamic issue and concerns the whole Islamic world."

Ziad al-Nakhala also stressed that Hezbollah in Lebanon will provide all kinds of facilities to the Palestinian resistance without any restrictions, and that despite Iran's support for the resistance option, the region's resistance has a good future.



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