A Saudi newspaper quoted "informed sources" as saying that an indirect agreement would be reached between Tel Aviv and the Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas) on the eve of Eid al-Fitr.

NOURNEWS- The Saudi website Elaf claimed that the exchange of prisoners between Tel Aviv and the Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas) would take place on the eve of Eid al-Fitr.

In this regard, negotiations on the exchange of prisoners took place shortly after Yahya al-Sanwar said in the midst of the outbreak of the corona virus that Hamas was ready to release "sick privileges" if elderly Palestinian prisoners, the sick, women and children were released. Give the case of the exchange of prisoners.

The Saudi newspaper Elaf (London Press) quoted sources as calling them "aware" and claimed that the prisoner exchange agreement between Hamas and Tel Aviv had seen "significant progress".

Earlier, an Egyptian newspaper quoted Hamas as saying that the exchange of prisoners between Hamas and the Zionist regime had witnessed progress. But a member of Hamas denied the allegations hours after the news broke, urging the Egyptian newspaper to be careful about sensitive issues such as the exchange of prisoners.

The Saudi source further claimed that the first phase of the exchange of prisoners on the eve of Eid al-Fitr and the second phase, which according to the sources is "the most complex" phase, will take place "at another time".

Elaf also claimed that Egypt, in coordination with Tel Aviv and the Palestinian side, had taken the main effort.

But in connection with the German mediator, the Saudi source claimed: "Hamas is trying to change some European laws through which Hamas is considered a terrorist organization; This is in contrast to the flexibility in some terms of the exchange transaction, especially those related to older prisoners and prisoners released under the "Shalit" deal; "The prisoners that Israel recaptured."

Elaf also claimed that Tel Aviv had agreed in the first instance to release sick prisoners and some children in exchange for the release of two of its citizens, Ibrahim Manghosto and Hisham al-Sayyid, and to obtain information about a soldier whom Hamas had recruited since the operation. "Israel" is under arrest and exchange.



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